2017 IEEE Smart World Congress

August 4 - August 8, 2017, San Francisco Bay Area, USA
2017 IEEE Smart World Congress

IEEE Smart World Congress 2017

The smart world is set to enhance everyday things with abilities of sensation, communication, computation and intelligence so that many tasks and processes could be simplified, more efficient, and enjoyable. It consists of numerous "smart things" that can be endowed with different levels/forms of intelligence and even capable of thinking. This smart world is set to be the next important stage in human history. Research on smart world is an emerging research field covering many areas, essential problems and crucial issues in truly building the smart world that benefits humanity, and simultaneously safeguards the natural environment for sustainable development and evolution.

SmartWorld 2017 is to provide a high-profile, leading-edge platform for researchers and engineers to exchange and explore state-of-art advances and innovations in graceful integrations of Cyber, Physical, Social, and Thinking Worlds for the theme

Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies, Inc. has presented Big Data Enabled Intelligent Dispenser. The paper summarizes Hanumayamma’s innovative product core ideas and presented as a working model as part of the conference.

In this research paper, we propose an innovative approach to implement intelligent HVAC dispensing that improve venue experience and operational efficiencies through the application of Big Data Technologies, Edge processing and IoT Sensing. Our system combines a lightweight edge anomaly detection algorithm based on Kalman filter and venue ambient condition to foot traffic graph matrix. The amalgamation of anomaly detection using Kalman filter to the venue ambiance with the application of machine learning creates an adaptive edge and that is our formula to the innovation that we propose and present a prototyping solution design as well as its application and certain experimental results.

Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies Inc., is World’s leading machine learning and data analytics company with US Patent products in Dairy Agriculture, IoT, Healthcare and Venue Analytics. Hanumayamma manufactures Dairy IoT Sensors for agriculture and have manufacturing facilities in Telangana, India and Silicon Valley in Bay Area, California, USA.